TN205L IR Laser Thermometer

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Compact, pocket-size infrared laser thermometer.



Compact palm-size IR laser thermometer\r
• Temperature Range -27° to 482°F (-33° to 250°C)\r
• Accuracy +-2% of reading or +-2°C\r
• 0.1° resolution for accurate readings\r
• Selectable temperature units F/C\r
• 6:1 Otics (distance-to-spot size ratio)\r
• Bright built-in laser provides easy aiming\r
• Emissivity (preset to 0.95) adjustable from 0.10 to 0.95 in 0.01 steps\r
• LCD display\r
• Measure modes include Maximum, Minimum and �Lock” for continuous temperature scanning\r
• Separate Lithium batteries (included) for IR and laser typically provides 40 hours continuous operation\r
• Automatic power OFF


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