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Professional Grade DUAL LASER ; w/ 14:1 D:S Infrared Thermometer The EC400L2 is all you need to measure a minimum 0.87inch diameter target area from 14 inches away or any target @ D:S Ratio of 14:1 with a DUAL LASER sight system. PLUS ! Adjustable emissivity ; MAX temperature capture ; laser on/off ; C or F ; low battery EC400L2 features a more robust form factor ; tough grip ; click to read trigger ; larger LCD display with blue-hue backlight for easy ready in low light. DUAL LASERS meet at a 0.87" diameter spot area and the DUAL LASERS expand as the target distance increases to define your target area in a virtual circle for accurate readings.

Model EC400L2 Product Specifications:

Model No.

Model EC400L2


Professional Grade DUAL LASER ; w/ 14:1 D:S Infrared Thermometer

Product Photo

Measurement Range

-58o to 986o F (-50o to 530o C)

Ambient Operating Range

Tobj=15~35∞C, Tamb=25∞C

Accuracy +/- 2% of reading


Accuracy +/- 2% of reading

at -9.9~199.9∞C

0.1 °

Response Time (90%)

1 second


Distance to Spot Size Ratio of 14:1



Update Frequency


3.5" x 7" x 1.75"

Wave Length Response

Weight (no battery)

7.3 oz

Weight (with battery)


Amber back-light LCD display, select C or F, Auto Off 15 seconds



Uses 1 x 9 volt battery

Battery Life

30 hours of continuous use


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